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Must pay attention to six key points in the operation of cutting machine

Release date:2017/11/20 23:22:33 Views: 927Secondary
1, cutting knife set, it is necessary to relax the set of hand wheel, so that the setting rod contact to the cutting point control switch or cut knife set switch to ON, unable to produce the set action; 2, the work of cutting knife as far as possible in the central position of the upper plate, so as not to cause the mechanical side wear, shorten the service life; 3, replace the new cutter, such as height is not the same, according to the set method, reset. 4, cutting action, the hand away from the cutting knife or cut plate, it is strictly prohibited to use hand to support the knife mold to cut, so as to avoid danger; 5, operators need to temporarily leave the position, you should remember to cut off the motor power supply, in order to avoid the wrong operation of professional personnel to damage the cutting machine; 6, try to avoid overload use to avoid damage to the machine and reduce the service life. Blanking process . After adjusting the cutting point 1, the cutting tool is set up, the cutting material is placed on the rubber plate, and then the die is placed on the material. 2, respectively, with both hands to press the 12 cutting switch, then cut the pressure plate on the pressure drop in the die, to die cutting off the material after the automatic recovery to start before the position to stop. 3 "in the blanking material, such as material found not completely cutting when the cutting depth of 03 to adjust the controller, the" pressure system "to counter clockwise direction of rotation; such as knife rubber molded into too deep, will be" pressure system "to the counter clockwise rotation, adjustment of the longer the cutting depth is deeper, try to to adjust the cutter slightly pressed into the sheet so far. 4 "will The stripper plate is pulled out of the cutting area, the cutting material is removed, and a blanking process is finished. Cutting machine is an indispensable mechanical equipment in the production of light industry, the machine with the help of the mechanical movement of the formation of the momentum, cutting the processing materials. According to the formation of mechanical movement is divided into mechanical cutting machine and hydraulic cutting machine