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What is the simple fault diagnosis method of cutting machine

Release date:2017/11/20 23:23:31 Views: 900Secondary
A simple fault diagnosis method of cutting machine is currently the most common method, it is to rely on maintenance personnel with personal experience, using simple instrument according to the hydraulic system failures, objective by ask, watch and listen, touch, smell and other methods to understand the system work, analysis, diagnosis, determine the cause and position of production the fault, the specific measures are as follows: 1) ask the operator to understand the operation of the equipment. Including: hydraulic system hydraulic pump is normal; there is no abnormal phenomenon; the cleanliness of the time and the results of hydraulic oil detection; filter cleaning and replacement; before failure on hydraulic components of a regulation; whether the replacement of sealing components; hydraulic system before and after the fault occurred and what is not a normal phenomenon; the past system what is the fault, how to eliminate the need to understand, one by one. 2) to see the actual situation of the hydraulic system of cutting machine, observe the system pressure, speed, oil, leakage, vibration and other problems. 3 listen to the hydraulic cutting machine hydraulic system, such as: impact sound; pump noise and abnormal sound; to determine whether the hydraulic system is working properly. 4) touch temperature rise, vibration, creep and the degree of tightness of the connection to determine whether the working state of the moving parts is normal. In a word, the simple diagnosis method is a simple qualitative analysis. It has a wide range of practicability for quick judgment and troubleshooting.