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Why choose automatic cutting machine

Release date:2017/11/20 23:24:01 Views: 1078Secondary
According to their transmission mode, structure and use 1, according to the transmission form: A, mechanical transmission cutting machine: is the old type of machine. B, hydraulic cutting machine: is a modern general cutting machine. C, automatic roll cutting machine: the use of sandwich method for processing the entire leather or textile, etc.. D, computer control water bundle cutting machine: is a modern advanced cutting machine, without the use of knife mold, according to the input program. High pressure water beam generator. E, computer controlled ultrasonic cutting machine: the control form is similar to the water bundle cutting machine. 2 according to the structural mode: A, rocker type cutting machine: punching parts for swinging rocker, suitable for leather, natural materials and artificial leather and other non-metallic materials. B, Longmen cutting machine: punching parts can be moved along the beam around the head, the die can be fixed on the punching head, can also be placed on the processed material. Large, computer controlled cutting machine in Longmen punch installed on the rotary knife die, according to the program layout, select the appropriate tool; of course, the need to be equipped with automatic feeding mechanism. Small rocker arm cutting machine C, flat type cutting machine: it and the Longmen type cutting machine is the difference between the direct beam punching, no moving head. Plate cutting machine is divided into: cross beam or beam can be moved back and forth and the work table can be moved around the two major categories. D, four column type precision cutting machine: double cylinder, four column automatic balance connecting rod structure. 3, according to the processing parts: A, special cutting machine: the machine is suitable for blister processing. B, horizontal cutting machine: suitable for processing tire materials.