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Cutting machine industry analysis

Release date:2017/11/20 23:25:24 Views: 1018Secondary
The greatest advantage and strength of the cutting machine is that both private companies, but also in traditional industries, to enter the high-end market, can not be separated from the high and new skills. With the development of the domestic cutting machine tool profession, from the provinces to develop increasingly fierce. Cutting machine tool to carry out the disorder in the beginning of the situation began to show, the low cost of the cutting machine, the level of product structure and technical content is not high drawbacks are increasingly exposed. In the last century in 60s the cutting machine tool industry began to rise in the South China Sea, reaching the peak in late 80s. When the die cutting machine industry threshold is very low, do not need what skills, 30 thousand yuan to buy some old equipment can open a family workshop type cutting machine mold factory, through 40 years, all kinds of cutting machine, mold processing company has over 10000, the vast majority of labor-intensive small companies. At present, domestic private companies usually die with leading capital equipment, more advanced skills, new skills can be used in the occupation, agile, from planning production to innovation, heat treatment and other relevant information, constitute the industrial chain, the advantages of integrated outstanding. However, the mould association secretary general Luo Baihui pointed out that the current cutting machine tool company because of lack of funds and lack of its own brand, the company will increase for the die cutting machine and technical renovation investment, expand the high-end commodity proportion, and the establishment of the domestic part, broaden the field of domestic business activity. World model association secretary general Luo Baihui think, to push the cutting machine mold industry of circular economy pilot projects, should be to reduce, reuse, capital as the criterion, the cost of capital and discards points on emissions reduction, active implementation of the national capital comprehensive use of preferential policies to carry out the use of waste batteries, waste household appliances, old furniture, bamboo processing residues, mine discards, sewage sludge and processing of stainless steel slag capital use. Vigorously carry out industrial recycling economy in order to promote clean innovation, is the first manifestation of low-carbon economy. Vigorously carry out industrial recycling economy in order to promote clean innovation, is the first manifestation of low-carbon economy.