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Cutting machine installation and operation transformation to speed up technological innovation

Release date:2017/11/20 23:25:52 Views: 889Secondary
First, the machine installation 1 the machine level is fixed on the flat cement floor, check whether the parts of the machine is in good condition, whether the line is smooth or not. 2 remove the upper platen and the stain on the countertop. 3 to the oil tank into 68 or 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil, oil surface shall not be less than 25mm. above the oil filter 4 access to the 380V three-phase power supply, press the oil pump start button, adjust and maintain the motor to the direction of the arrow. Two, operating instructions 1 first cutting machine depth controller (fine-tuning knob) to zero. 2 turn on the power switch, press the oil pump start button, no-load operation for two minutes, observe whether the system is normal. 3 push and pull plate, rubber plate, workpiece, die in the order of the stack in the middle of the table. 4 tool setting (die set). Loosen the handle of the tool, naturally drop and lock. Switch right, ready to cut. Double click on the green button for trial cutting, blanking depth by fine-tuning control. Fine tuning: turn the fine adjustment button, the left hand is shallow, the right hand is deepened. 5. Stroke adjustment: rotating height controller, right-handed stroke increase, with reduced stroke, stroke in 50-200mm (or 50-250mm) free adjustment range, normal production over pressure knife mold around the top 50mm travel distance is appropriate. Special note: each time to replace the mold, workpiece or plate, the need to re set the stroke, otherwise it will damage the mold and the backing plate. With the continuous development of China's cutting work, the demand and requirements of cutting machine products are gradually increasing. And this progress is to bring greater impetus to the progress of work skills. In the future work, skill innovation is the most important thing, skills progress is necessary, which is the most important conditions for the development of the work and market demand. Known to all, China cutting work of their own to carry out late, and to the current industry there are still some question remains. Then to accelerate the transformation of the promotion, all kinds of questions can not prevent the show up. This is obviously a work for the transition period is a stop. Chinese cutting machine to carry out to the intensive road, take the intensive development path, to the "low input, high output" the operating principle and try, this company needs cutting from many aspects to innovate. The cutting work needs repair outside the refinery, first needs to do is change the concept, establish long-term development ideas and formulate feasible development guidelines. And the Progressive Corp management level, improve the management efficiency of all departments, optimize the structure of human capital, and prevent the ravages of time, together with the optimization of internal competition mechanism, nature of work, progress of workers to promote the work of brand building.