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How to change the cutting machine

Release date:2017/11/20 23:21:43 Views: 906Secondary
1 oil change should be the first hydraulic oil tank in the release, strict cleaning tank and filter, filtering and adding new oil, start the pump using the new oil system of the old oil discharge, old oil discharge shall not flow back into the tank, and should lead to the other oil storage container, the pipeline until the old oil all new oil discharge, out of date. Oil change should pay attention to the oil tank to prevent oil pump suction. Pay attention to the use of new and old oil mixed, otherwise it will greatly reduce the life of hydraulic oil. 2 the most suitable oil temperature should be kept at 3050. Oil temperature is too low, the viscosity of the oil is too large, not only difficult to pump suction, flow loss, but also may make the pump discharge pressure, motor overload, and even pipe or joint burst. Therefore, the oil temperature is not allowed to start at 10. Oil temperature less than 101 after the start of the oil in the system should be no load cycle, until the oil temperature increased to more than 101 before loading. Hydraulic deck machinery must be noticed when starting in winter. The oil temperature is too high, the viscosity decreases, the volume efficiency is reduced, and the lubrication is bad. In addition, the oil temperature is too high will accelerate oxidation, shorten the service life. Inlet temperature does not allow more than 60, the oil temperature is higher than 70= hydraulic equipment should not be used. When the ambient temperature is out of date, the hydraulic deck machinery should pay special attention to the oil temperature. 3 control the leakage of oil leakage, reduce the efficiency and pollute the environment. Therefore, the sealing parts of the sealing elements should be regularly seized, to strengthen the maintenance, timely replacement of damaged seals, eliminate abnormal leakage. The use of regular inspection, the working oil tank can help determine the leakage situation, but also found a large number of water mixed phenomenon 4 found buried managers usually asked maintain a rigorous work attitude at work, develop good inspection, see hear touch Xi anger, hydraulic system in use should observe the hydraulic actuator movement speed and there is no abnormal noise and vibration. 5 check the system during the shutdown, the operation of the hydraulic system to stop the monthly inspection shall be conducted, the operation. Pay attention to the inspection, safety protection devices and electrical insulation is normal, should be in accordance with the specifications of the time interval and the location of the hinge bearing pulley and other exposed parts of the friction and lubricating grease.